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Types of Car Fluid Leaks

You park your car at a store and go inside. When you come back you notice some sort of fluid underneath your car. Upon further inspection, you realize that said fluid is leaking out of your car and you're not exactly sure what to do next. The only thing you do know is that this can't be good. Fear not! Once you understand the different types of car fluid leaks, the easier it will be to rectify the situation. Keep reading on for the most common types of car fluid leaks to be prepared if this ever happens to you!

Coolant Leak - If the leak coming out of your car is a vibrant orange, pink or green, chances are you're dealing with a coolant, also known as antifreeze. This isn't a massive issue if you're dealing with an older car, but if your car is considered 'modern', it may be worth looking into as these cars are built to prevent leaks.

Oil Leak - If the fluid underneath your car is dark black in color, you're probably dealing with an oil leak. These usually occur at the oil pan and in gaskets that can be found in the engine. If you suspect that your car has an oil leak, it's important to get it looked at straight away.

Brake Fluid Leak - If the fluid underneath your car smells like fish and resembles a bright color, you may be dealing with a brake fluid leak. This is considered urgent, as this type of leak indicates that the car will have issues braking. This is considered extremely unsafe and must be rectified immediately.

Wiper Fluid Leak - If the leaking fluid from your car is bright blue or pink, it may be from your car's windshield wipers' cleaners. If you have this type of leak, it usually indicates that your wiper tubes are damaged.

While seeing a mysterious fluid leaking from your car can be alarming, it helps to understand what kind of leak you're dealing with before deciding on next steps. If your car has a fluid leak issue, we invite you to bring your vehicle to George's Complete Auto Repair in Cape Coral, FL, today, and we'll happily fix it for you.

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