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Monthly Archives: September 2022

What Is a Coolant Flush?

What Is a Coolant Flush?

Most cars rely on coolant fluid to help maintain a stable engine temperature. Coolant fluid also has anti-corrosion properties as well. Over time, rust, dirt, and other contaminants can build up in many of your cooling system components that make contact with the fluid. Some examples include the radiator and heater core.    When your coolant is no longer clean and effective, your vehicle runs the risk of overheating and causing extensive engine damage. To avoid this, you should maintain the cooling system with regular coolant fluid exchanges or flushes.    Coolant flushes are a vital part of preventative maintenance. The process is more cost-effective than having to pay for a brand new radiator or heater core, which will put you out for hundreds of dollars. The process involves draining the dirty coolant out, cleansing the system, and replacing it with new and cleaner coolant.    Most drivers don’t know this, but the service is recommended in t ... read more

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