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Monthly Archives: February 2023

4 Tips For Safer Driving

4 Tips For Safer Driving

As a driver, the thing you want most is your and your family's safety. If you want to know a couple of tips and tricks, that will help you achieve a safer drive, keep on reading because we will help with that. Proper Posture Let's start with driving posture. It's first on our list because most people don't take its importance seriously. When you get in a car, the first thing you should do is adjust the seat, even before you put your seatbelt on. Adjust it, so it's not too far or close to the steering wheel, with enough space for your legs. Then adjust the steering wheel if necessary. Side mirrors and the rear-view mirror should be set up so you can see everything on the road and don't have any blind spots. The last thing to keep in mind is standing up straight so you can move around - providing extra visibility.  Well-Maintained Vehicle Keeping your vehicle serviced and well-maintained is vital to your safety. Tires should be the right ones for the seas ... read more

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