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Monthly Archives: September 2023

Signs It's Time for a Thermostat Replacement

Signs It's Time for a Thermostat Replacement

Your car's engine operates within a specific temperature range to ensure optimal performance and fuel efficiency. The thermostat, a small but vital component, plays a crucial role in regulating this temperature. However, like all parts of your vehicle, thermostats can wear out over time. Understanding the Thermostat The thermostat is essentially the gatekeeper of your car's cooling system. It's located between the engine and the radiator and consists of a valve connected to a temperature-sensitive element. When you start your car, the thermostat remains closed, preventing coolant from circulating between the engine and the radiator. As the engine warms up, the thermostat gradually opens. This allows coolant to flow, helping to regulate the engine's temperature. If the engine gets too hot, the thermostat opens wider, allowing more coolant to circulate and cool it down. Conversely, if the en ... read more

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