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Have You Checked Your Belts and Hoses Lately?

A hose that leaks your car's coolant may cause overheating that may cause further damage to your engine parts. Also, if your water pump belt snaps, your car's cooling system may become ineffective.
Your vehicle's hoses and belts ensure proper power transfer through the hydraulic and belt systems. These components also make your car's cooling systems operable.

Why are your vehicle's hoses and belts important?

The belts in your vehicle help different car systems to work smoothly by transferring power from your car's crankshaft and camshaft to different pulleys that move various engine components. The timing belt helps synchronize the engine valves with the pistons.

Without the timing belt, your car won't run properly. On the other hand, the drive or serpentine belt provides power to the power steering pump, cooling fan, and AC compressor.

The hoses in your car carry fluids that help cool the vehicle's components or transfer power through hydraulic fluid systems.

Why should you conduct regular checks on your belts and hoses?

  • A regular check catches the minor wear and tears before your car components fail to function and get damaged
  • Proper working belts transfer power efficiently, and they help you cut down on fuel expenses
  • Regular checks prevent breakdowns that may result from engine overheating and damage
  • The checks also ensure that there is no leakage of your vehicle's oil, coolant, and hydraulic fluids
  • Checking your belts and hoses also allows timely repairs that can extend the lifespan of your car

How often should you conduct the checks?

Your belts and hoses should get checked once a year. But you should conduct more checks if your vehicle is overheating and experiencing some leakages. Also, conduct more checks if you live in an area experiencing extreme temperatures.

Do your hoses and belts look worn out and damaged? If so, you'll need belt or hose repair, and our auto repair shop invites you to bring your vehicle to George's Complete Auto Repair today for the best repair services!

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