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Why Does My Car Vibrate Every Time I Brake?

Applying your brakes become second nature when you’ve driven your vehicle hundreds or thousands of times. When you step on the brake pedal next time and it vibrates, it may feel odd. The road is smooth, so what could be the problem? 


Car vibrations can mean various things. Below are some common explanations for vibrations when braking:

Off-balanced Alignment

When the front wheels are out of alignment, it can cause vibration. There could also be suspension issues in addition to the imbalance as well. Either way, you should have your brakes, suspension, and wheels inspected to be safe.

Worn Or Uneven Brake Pads

Brake pads naturally wear out over time. When you apply the brakes with worn brake pads, you may feel shakiness and hear loud squealing. While it may not seem like a huge problem at first, it is worth having them replaced sooner than later.

Warped Brake Rotors

Like your brake pads, brake rotors don't last forever either. Your vehicle's braking system is exposed to heat and friction all the time. If your brakes are unattended, they can wear down in certain areas over others. Moreover, they can also overheat and cause things to melt. It is important to pay attention to how your brakes feel on a regular basis.


Vehicle vibrations when braking can be extremely annoying, but it is also unsafe. If your vehicle’s brakes are shuddering or feel uneasy, you should take your car to a trusted auto repair shop for inspections. If you need brake repair, look no further than George’s Complete Auto Repair.

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