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Why Does My Car Feel Sluggish?

Since most of us use our cars every day, we know the ins and outs of how it drives. That is why vehicle sluggishness can be quickly spotted. If your car is running slow or quick-responding as it usually does, you may have a vehicle problem on your hands.


A laggy car can be annoying, but it can also bring about hazardous conditions. Below are several issues that can be linked to a laggy vehicle.

Dirty Air Filter

With a clogged filter, your engine will struggle to get a sufficient amount of clean air to perform the combustion process. It may falter when you try to accelerate as the air and fuel mix is unbalanced.

Issues with Fuel System

A challenge with your car's fuel system, including a faulty fuel pump or dirty fuel injectors, can mess with the flow of fuel. And if your engine doesn’t get the correct amount, your car may feel slower than before. 

Clogged Catalytic Converter

A malfunctioning catalytic converter can likely alter engine performance as the engine byproducts may sit in your car. As a result, your vehicle performance may not be the same.

Bad Spark Plugs

Spark plugs that are no longer effective will cause engine misfires. Sooner or later, your car won’t just feel laggy. But it may not start at all.

Broken Sensors

Your car, SUV, or truck has many different sensors: oxygen sensor, crankshaft sensor, MAF sensor, and more. They all play major roles in the combustion process, which is why a bad sensor can negatively impact your engine performance. 


If your car simply doesn’t run the same as it used to, we invite you to bring it to George’s Complete Auto Repair in Cape Coral, FL. We have experienced and trained professionals who can run diagnostic tests and perform careful inspections to pinpoint the exact problem that is bringing your vehicle down. Please call or visit us soon!

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