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What’s That Foul Car Smell?

Does your vehicle have a bad, lingering odor or smell? Your first instinct will probably be to check for any food you may have forgotten in your car. Otherwise, your car may be dealing with other problems that are giving off that unpleasant scent. Here are some odd smells that may indicate an issue with your vehicle:

  • Rotten Eggs - If you smell something similar to rotten eggs, it's most likely an issue with your catalytic converter. When your car overheats, it won't be able to transform certain gases, which is why you may catch this odor.
  • Moldy - When you turn your A/C on, and it releases a musty smell from the vents, you've probably got mold or mildew growing in the system.
  • Burnt Paper - The smell of burning paper, especially emitted when switching gears, might indicate that the clutch is burning and slipping. The increased contact burns the paper clutch surfaces. 
  • Burnt Rubber - Old, slipping drive belts or loose hoses that rub against other components too much can cause a burnt rubber scent.
  • Gasoline - While smelling gas while you're pumping it at the gas station is expected, it's not common to pick it up any other time. The smell of gas may be a symptom of a gas leak, probably from the fuel injector line or fuel tank. Gas leaks are dangerous because they are a fire hazard, so please seek immediate help to resolve the problem.

When you smell an unusual odor in your vehicle, please NEVER ignore it. We highly urge you to take your vehicle to a professional technician to diagnose and repair it properly. Otherwise, bad smells can transpire to expensive repairs or hazards. The auto repair professionals at George's Complete Auto Repair have the experience required to identify hidden roots of weird odors. If you are smelling strange odors in your car, please make an appointment at George's Complete Auto Repair today!

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