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What is The Biggest Problem With Transmissions?

The transmission is a critical part of the vehicle that is sandwiched between the engine and the wheels. It changes the engine's combustion power to enough rotational force and speed that pushes the wheels. The transmission is designed in such a way that it takes advantage of gear ratio to enhance engine efficiency and reduce fuel consumption while balancing output torque and speed. The transmission can be manual or automatic. Both transmission types serve a similar purpose, but they achieve the function using different technologies.

As a component that influences the power and speed transmitted from the engine to the wheels, it is important to maintain the transmission through regular checks and repairs. It has many interconnected parts that rub, rotate, and move against each other. The movement and the interaction of the components expose them to extreme heat and friction. As a result, the transmission might experience troubles associated with usage, wear, and tear. However, there are bigger transmission troubles that require immediate intervention. They are;


Slipping is common with automatic transmissions. It causes a shift from one gear to the other without the driver's intention. This causes trouble with vehicle accelerations and might lead to an uncomfortable ride. Although lack of transmission oil or overused transition fluid could trigger the issue, it is essential to get immediate and professional mechanical intervention because it might indicate or lead to serious problems.

Delayed Engagement

This is among the big transmission problems that compromise driver safety. It causes a momentary delay before the car engages in a drive or the next driving gear. It could point to issues with the transmission fluid that a certified technician should check.

Other transmission troubles include;

  • Leaking of transmission fluid.

  • A dragging clutch in transmission manuals

  • Noisy transmission when the car is in neutral

  • A grinding or shaking transmission

  • Clogging of the transmission fluid filter

Keeping the recommended transmission fluid levels goes an extra mile in maintaining the functionality of the transmission. Apart from this, conducting a computerized diagnostic transmission check is essential, especially if you suspect any transmission trouble.

Drive your vehicle to our auto repair shop today, and let us solve all your transmission troubles. We go beyond a simple fluid flush but conduct an in-depth diagnostic test on the transmission system. We conduct timely repairs depending on the manufacturer's recommendations.

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