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What Does the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Light Mean?

The short answer to the question is: it means one or more of your tires have low pressure. This dashboard warning light is symbolized as a tire and exclamation mark inside it. It will light up once sensors pick up that your tire pressure has fallen below 20% of the manufacturer's recommended psi, or pounds per square inch.


Twenty percent is a significant amount of under inflation, and it is considered a safety hazard. You may experience a loss in handling. And your tires are likely going to wear unevenly. It also increases your chances of a tire blowout, ultimately requiring you to replace your tires.


Cape Floral drivers should never ignore a TPMS light. And more importantly, you should not use it as a method of monitoring your tire pressure. You should manually check your tire pressure at least once a month for the most accurate results. 


How Much Air Should Go In My Tires?

Before you measure or adjust your tire pressure, you should know the psi your automaker recommends. To find the numbers pertaining to your vehicle make/model, you can check the driver's doorjamb for a sticker. The psi varies from vehicle to vehicle because of its weight, tires, and handling capacity. The recommended psi can also vary between front and rear tires.


What If the TPMS Light is Flashing?

When the TPMS light is flashing instead of steady, it typically means that there is an error with the sensors. The TPMS has various sensors mounted on each wheel. Over time, they can die off or get obstructed. 


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