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How to Tell if Your Alternator is Broken

Although the car's battery receives most of the credit, it should be the alternator that gets the best award for keeping your vehicle powered while driving. The battery should only receive credit for getting your car powered while the alternator takes over in powering your car while you drive. The alternator converts the mechanical energy from the engine's rotating pulley into electrical energy to charge the car's battery. All the electrical system in your car depends heavily on the alternator. A faulty alternator will, therefore, interfere with your car's electrical features and might entirely drain your battery, leaving you stranded. The following are some signs to look out for when you suspect the alternator might be faulty:

Electrical Failures

When your car's alternator is faulty, you will notice a lag in the vehicle's electronic accessories. Features like power windows, windshield wipers, and power seat adjustments might begin to lag. Your headlight and dashboard lights as well will begin to dim.

Weak battery

The role of a car's alternator is to charge the battery while you are driving. Anytime you subsequently experience a flat battery, it could indicate that your alternator is no longer optimal for recharging your car battery.

The smell of burnt rubber

A car's alternator works with the engine's rotating pulleys to convert the mechanical energy into electrical energy that will charge the battery. In some instances, however, one of the belts might slip into the alternator's pulley and engineer friction that causes the rubber belt to burn. The belt might cause the pulley to malfunction and jeopardizes the efficiency of the alternator. The burning rubber's smell should indicate something is amiss, and you should check immediately to avoid further damage to the alternator.

Neglecting your car's telltale signs is a prerequisite for severe mechanical damage. Every time you feel something is wrong with your vehicle, checking on your mechanic as fast as possible should be your priority to avoid stagnating or causing further damage. If you need alternator repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle to George's Complete Auto Repair today!

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