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How Often to Replace Your Cabin Air Filter

The air we breathe is very crucial to our respiratory health. A cabin filter is one of the car's predominant parts that have to be in perfect working condition to keep your cabin air fresh and protect it from harmful contaminants from the outside.

Air filters can get clogged with smog, leaves, or debris, and this can make your air conditioner work harder to push cool air through the filter. Afterward, it can affect the entire air conditioning system. Multiple vehicle manufacturers recommend cabin air filters be replaced every 12 months or 20,000 kilometers. Below are some of the signs that your cabin air filter requires replacement.

Poor Airflow From Vents
Sometimes narrow air ducts can be blocked by dust buildup and insects. A clogged air filter wouldn't filter air effectively as a clean one would do. It leads to reduced airflow within the air conditioning system which in turn promotes vents blowing air with limited pressure.

Additionally, it adds extra stress to the vehicle's AC system, making it work intensely to deliver the required air. Poor airflow from the interior vents of your vehicle is a warning sign for defective cabin air filters that require replacement from a proficient technician.

Unusual Odor From the Vehicle's Vents
A filter contaminated by dirt or dust generates a bad smell from the car's interior vents. Additionally, as your vehicle ages, bacteria can grow in the system where moisture collects, and this triggers an unappealing smell that can get blasted into your cabin through the vents. You should talk to an expert from a reputable auto repair shop to fix the defects.

Problems in the Heating and Cooling System
Dirty filters clog the cabin air system, and the clogging results in limited airflow issues in the AC system, lowering the car's HVAC unit efficiency. You may not want to experience less airflow since it makes it difficult to adjust to the temperature within the vehicle. Also, it causes discomfort to your passengers when seasons change. Ensure your cabin air filter is replaced when necessary to avoid such inconveniences while enjoying your drive.

Get Comprehensive Cabin Air Filter Replacement Solutions
If you need cabin air filter replacement, we invite you to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop today!

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