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Can a Blown Engine be Fixed?

The engine is arguably the most important component in your car. Issues involving the engine are also very costly. But most of the people are oblivious whether a blown engine can be fixed.
For those who don't know, a blown engine occurs when this auto component is severely damaged and either need to be completely rebuilt or replaced. And with the modern tech and expertise, if your engine is blown out, it can be fixed.

So, What Happens when an Engine is Blown Out?

The engine comprises two parts: the cylinder block and the head gaskets. The head gaskets act as a cushion that facilitates the coolant to freely circulate in the engine block. It also plays a crucial role in sealing the cylinders firing pressure.
This part of the engine withstands massive pressures and stresses. And eventually, the part can yield to the forces and tap out leading to blown out engine.

What are the Symptoms of a Blown Out Gasket?

The gasket has perforations that allow the coolant to pass through the engine block. But when this engine part fails, you'll experience the following problems in your car:

  • Bubbling in the radiator and the coolant reservoir
  • Whitish smoke emerging from the tailpipe
  • The oil developing white coloration
  • An overheating engine
  • Coolant loss while there is no source of leaks

Always remember that the gasket seals the coolants and oils. Once you realize there is a streak of oil and coolants streaming down the gasket, you should contact a technician because you might be dealing with a blown out engine. More importantly, if you've got the aforementioned problem, you may realize that your engine doesn't produce the power it should.

Ways to Prevent a Blown Out Head Gasket

It's easy, to mitigate gasket failure. You just have to maintain the correct levels of engine coolant. Following the manufacturer's manual is a good way to achieve the aforementioned condition. And any time you experience coolant leaks, seek the professional advice of a certified auto shop. If you are experiencing an engine blown problem, feel free to contact George's Complete Auto Repair today!


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