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Monthly Archives: June 2021

How Do I Know If My Car Air Conditioning Needs Recharging?

How Do I Know If My Car Air Conditioning Needs Recharging?

Unless you live in areas with sweltering climates, your vehicle's AC will not need recharging for at least three years. Of course, you might opt for a proactive approach and take your car for an AC recharge every three years as part of your maintenance schedule. All the same, you don't need to recharge your AC as long as you are enjoying a cool, comfortable drive. Your vehicle's AC system performs on two distinct sides- the high and the low side. Usually, the Freon starts on the low-pressure side as gas and is converted into liquid on the high side. This consistent circulation of the refrigerant across the low and high-pressure sides is what keeps your vehicle cool. Your vehicle's AC is an enclosed system. This is because it constantly recirculates the Freon and always needs to be pressurized. Suffice to say, these systems might eventually develop leaks, ultimately reducing the refrigerant levels. With time, the system pressure and that of the refrigerant will drop be ... read more

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