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6 Ways To Improve Your Fuel Efficiency

If you're like every American, your wallet is probably taking a hit every time you go to the gas pump. With gas prices high, you should start changing your driving habits and prioritizing your car maintenance practices to save you some money. Here are 6 helpful tips on how to save money on gas:

Method #1: Inflate Your Tires Correctly

Paying attention to your tires and inflating them to the recommended pressure can do a lot to save you some fuel. Running on under-inflated tires can end up costing you more gas and cause your tires to wear down early.

Method #2: Minimize the Weight of Your Vehicle Load

Not only does cleaning your car give you newfound confidence and lift a weight off your shoulders, but it can lighten your carload. Excess weight in your vehicle can put more stress on its components, like the engines and brakes, and burn more fuel than necessary.

Method #3: Avoid Idling

Did you know that leaving your car idling for an hour will consume approximately almost a gallon of fuel? Not only that, but you're hurting the environment by doing so. It's best to turn off your engine and restart it when you need to drive again.

Method #4: Keep An Eye Out for Faulty Sensors

Most people tend to put off the damaged and faulty sensors because they think it has no direct effect on the drivability of their car; however, your vehicle may be missing important data that contributes to fuel consumption. To increase your fuel efficiency, you should replace your sensors when needed.

Method #5: Change Air Filters

Dirty air filters can increase the engine's workload when drawing air to mix with the fuel. You should swap out your air filters according to your manufacturer's recommended intervals.

Method #6: Use Suggested Motor Oil and Octane Gas for Your Vehicle

All vehicles have a manual for a reason: to inform you of what your car needs. You should always put the right motor oil and octane gas level in your car to get the best possible mileage.


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