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5 Signs Of Engine Problems

The engine is the heart of your car, which means that it's very, very important. But just like any other component in your vehicle, it tends to have issues and even brakes sometimes. That's why we have made a short list of five warning signs your engine can give before something serious happens.

1. Check Engine Light

The most obvious indicator of engine problems is a check engine light, especially if it is flashing. While it is just a simple light, it can mean quite a lot of things, so make sure you don't ignore it or at least visit a shop as soon as you can.

2. Strange And Unfamiliar Noises

Unfamiliar noises are never a good sign, especially when talking about engines. It can mean anything from broken parts to forgotten nuts and bolts from a previous repair. Grinding is especially worrisome because it can indicate low oil levels that can cause the engine to fail altogether. 

3. Acceleration Is Slow

Another obvious sign of issues is problems with acceleration. The reason may be as simple as a clogged air filter, but it can also be something way more serious. We advise you to visit a repair shop just to make sure it isn't something serious.

4. Switching Gears Feels Weird

At first, you might not connect problems with switching gears with the engine, but it might as well be just that. Sometimes the crankshaft, the component responsible for the delivery of power from the cylinders, can get damaged, resulting in problems. The transmission is directly affected and can experience issues with shifting.

5. Electrical Issues

While it can seem strange at first, your engine is connected to an alternator, which provides the battery with electricity. This means that if your engine is working improperly, all of the electrical components start to have issues as well. Make sure to visit a repair shop if you start noticing any malfunctions like dimmer headlights, battery lights, or other related issues.

Engine Repairs At George's Complete Auto Repair!

If you have spotted some of the symptoms listed above, make sure to visit our shop! We will make quick work of anything bothering you while assuring the best results!

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