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5 Signs of a Dying Car Battery

The battery is the heart of your vehicle providing the energy for everything from the starter and engine to the radio, but batteries are not a once-in-a-lifetime purchase. Most batteries last two to five years depending on the type of battery, the vehicle, and the climate in which you live. It's important to keep track of the date you purchase your battery and when it should be replaced, but sometimes your battery may start to die before the end of its expected lifespan. So, how can you tell if your battery is about to die and needs immediate replacement?

  • When the battery is about to die, the engine will be slow to start instead of starting immediately when you turn the key.
  • The vehicle won't start at all. When you try to start the vehicle, all you hear is a clicking or buzzing sound.
  • When you visually examine the battery, if you notice corrosion on the battery or battery cable ends it could be an indication that the battery is leaking.
  • You notice your headlights aren't shining as brightly as they usually do, or other electrical parts aren't working as efficiently such as power windows or the radio stop working.
  • Your vehicle will start, but then immediately stops running. This is an indication that the battery does not have enough sustained energy to keep the motor running once the starter has been engaged. Or you notice your vehicle backfiring which could indicate the battery is producing weaker charges causing fuel to pool in the cylinders.


Battery inspection and replacement is an important part of your overall vehicle maintenance. If your vehicle is showing any of the signs above and you need a car battery replacement, we invite you to bring your vehicle into our repair shop today!

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